Intelligentsia Coffee

Responsive website redesign for a specialty coffee roaster



February 2020 - June 2020


Project Type

Responsive Website Redesign

My Role

Product Strategy, Information Architecture, Interaction Design (Wireframes), Content Strategy

About Intelligentsia Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee is a speciality, third-wave coffee roaster that specializes in thoughtfully sourced, roasted-to-order coffee. Their ambitious yet intentional approach to coffee, their dedication to quality control and their specific point-of-view on how coffee is meant to be experienced is what sets them apart from their competitors.

Intelligentsia came to us to redesign their existing website and improve their subscription service and overall web experience.


Increase Intelligentsia's overall sales and average order value

Drive subscription with increase in active subscribers and subscription signs up

Increase engagement with, and connection to, educational content

• Educate users on Intelligentsia's difference and unique value propositions

Research + Findings

Research + Findings

Research Process

Stakeholder Insights: Spoke to key members of the Intelligentsia team to understand the current state of the website, and align on project goals.

Competitor Audit: Looked at 20+ analogous websites to identify how Intelligentsia's experience needed to align with current best practices.

Analytics Audit: Reviewed key Google Analytics metrics to understand how the site was performing overtime.

UX Audit: Reviewed content and current IA on the site through UX Design Heuristics to understand how it was organized and related.

Key Findings


User Archetypes

Intelligentsia coffee sells at a higher price point - requiring a consumer to understand and appreciate what goes into the coffee to understand its value. We found that many consumers had a strong appreciation for coffee, but little knowledge about it, which was limiting the way in which they could experience Intelligentsia.

Using the Fogg Behavioral Model, we were able to pinpoint our core (some appreciation, some knowledge), opportunity (high appreciation, low knowledge), and niche (high appreciation, high knowledge) audiences and understand that with a strong emphasis on education, we could push our opportunity audience over the action line to become brand loyalists.


Strategic Approach


How can we overcome the amount of knowledge a consumer needs to enjoy Intelligentsia coffee, the lack of awareness around the innovation and quality, and the saturation of subscription within the landscape?


By educating consumers on the complexity of Intelligentsia coffee, proving how Intelligentsia innovation makes for a better coffee experience, and seamlessly converting one time purchasers into subscribers.



Navigation + Footer

One of our main challenges on this project was sorting through their existing sitemap - which was clunky, disorganized, and oftentimes broken - to create a focused navigation that would showcase Intelligentsia's value propositions. We wanted to create a structure that would facilitate discovery of products for increased average order value, while also driving users to engage with educational content.

After looking through their existing content and categorizing it by high level topic, we were able to distill nearly 70+ seperate pages of fragmented content and eCommerce into a new navigation and sitemap that would allow new and existing Intelligentsia users to get a clear overview of the brand and their mission, while also allowing Intelligentsia - as a young, ambitious brand - to keep growing and introducing new products down the road. 

Click through the carousel below to see the new navigation and links behind the dropdowns:


Product Collection Pages + Filters

One of the features we were introducing was an improved and extended filtering system for increased wayfinding. Before our redesign and IA overhaul, Intelligentsia was using 41 different attributes across the site to tag their products - some more commonly expected like Type and Country, and some more nuanced and obscure like Soil Type and Flowering Month.

Knowing we had an audience of super knowledgable users (niche audience) and less knowledgable (core and opportunity), we needed to find a balance between the common and the nuanced, and chose to leverage 5 of those attributes for the filters - Type (ie. single origina, espresso), Country/Region (ie. Africa, South America), Flavor (ie. flavor profile like Stone Fruit + Caramel), Variety (ie. Traditional American), and Features (ie. organic, Cup of Excellence winner).


Click through the carousel below to see the new navigation and links behind the dropdowns:


Subscription was to be a big driver of conversion on the site. With the more table stakes features (like subscription integration on the PDPs, allowing users to modify their active subscriptions in the account) being covered by the third party integration we were using for subscription functionality (Ordergroove), we still had to address how we would drive subscription on the site.

Prior to the redesign, Intelligentsia had a subscription landing page, but it was bulky and involved users going through a multi-step wizard that left users confused and frustrated. We redesigned that Subscription landing page, eliminating the wizard and instead using newly introduced templates and flows to create clear and intuitive paths to subscription in an effort to get users to add subscription to their carts quicker, and with more ease.


Flavor Profile Quiz

The "star" of our redesign was the newly introduced flavor profile quiz. Knowing that users had a hard time understanding flavor and finding a coffee that aligned with their flavor preferences, we introduced a quiz that would work to both educate users on their flavor profiles and tastes and convert users via personalized recommendations in the results. 


Final Designs

Throughout the sprints, we worked closely with a talented team of visual designers to ensure that final designs were true to the outlined wireframes and employed UX best practices.



Launch Date

June 2020

After months of hard work and a huge collaborative effort between the Intelligentsia team, the Wondersauce team, a development partner, and the team behind the subscription service - our redesign launched on in June of 2020.

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